Project: Know Their Names
Client: Zora Magazine, Medium
Date: 2019

EIC: Vanessa De Luca
Deputy Editor: Christina Tapper
Product Design: Erik Hinton
Art Direction: Jovanna Tosello, Renald Louissaint
Graphic Design: Renald Louissaint
Illustration: Geneva Bowers, LiKai, Rachelle Baker, Bimpe Alliu

Scope: Art Direction, design, and production.

Project role: To direct the visual production of KNOW THEIR NAMES, including managing the design, commissioning outside illustrators, and crafting the reader experience for mobile and web.
Know Their Names, Black Trans Women Deserve More was a project that highlighted the Black Trans woman killed by fatal violence in the United States. The art direciton team partnered with the Zora editorial  to create an interactive collection of life stories-A counter point to the news cycle which focused on death, our tribute focused on life.

Art direction had a unique task of creating a serious, yet celebratory visual language in which the tribute would be structured. We used the reference of the AIDS quilt, where family and friends created a patch square dedicated to their fallen loved one. The power of the quilt was revealed when it was unfolded to span over several mile - The physical manifestation of the lives losts to the AIDS epidemic.

Social Campaign