OneZero  Magazine

Project: OneZero Magazine
Launch: 2019
Audience Reach: 232K

EIC: Damon Beres
Deputy Editor: Michael Zelenko

Designer: Noah Baker
Design Manager: Ryan Hubbard
Photography Direction: Xenia Rollings

Art Direction: Jovanna Tosello, Claire Merchlinsky, Tessa Modi

OneZero is a Medium publication about the impact of technology on people and the future. It offers clarity, insight, and an expert read on what’s happening in the world in language accessible to any curious reader. It’s clear-eyed but enthusiastic about offering a knowing guide to whatever’s just around the corner. OZ is fun, it sparks conversations, offering new narratives, and shining a light on the people at the frontlines of change; the gig workers, the CEOs, the scientists and researchers and anyone curious about where their data goes.